• POS systems for the discerning
    POS systems for the discerning
  • The complete solution for your POS
    The complete solution for your POS
  • POS systems for retail and hospitality
    POS systems for retail and hospitality
  • Colormetrics – so that the checkout also looks good
    Colormetrics – so that the checkout also looks good

More Style

More Style

Colormetrics POS systems are a statement of good taste. The modest elegance reflects the quality workmanship of the touch systems, while visually enhancing every checkout – in shops and boutiques, as well as in restaurants and bars.

More Variety

More Variety

Every checkout is different. A large selection of original accessories and various mounting options make it easy for you to make the most out of your POS: simply match the Colormetrics all-in-one POS systems to your requirements.

More Individuality

More Individuality

The checkout is a part of the whole – for a well-rounded, consistent brand experience. In order to ensure this, all Colormetrics touch screen systems are available in various versions and colours, and upon request, even branded with your own logo.

Colormetrics POS systems: portfolio

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What the look promises, the technology delivers!

Colormetrics is your brand for state-of-the-art touch POS systems – with an exciting design and functionality down to the last detail. You receive a broad portfolio of all-in-one POS systems for retail and hospitality. Simply choose the system which best matches your POS software: various screen sizes and formats, touch technologies, performance characteristics and peripheral devices make choosing Colormetrics easy!

Wipe it all away

Whether in retail or hospitality – POS systems are exposed to difficult conditions every day: long operating times, constantly changing users and sometimes even unschooled users. All Colormetrics touch screen systems feature IP64-certified front panels, making them optimal for hospitality operation. High resistance to the challenges of the day-to-day is guaranteed – you simply wipe spilled drinks, sticky liquids, and splashed dishwater away as easily as greasy fingerprints.

A striking appearance

The Colormetrics touch screen systems are more than just robust and reliable – they also impress with their elegant design. The combination of aluminium, glass and high-quality plastic also give the Colormetrics systems that extra touch to meet the visual demands retailers have for their checkouts. Even the space-saving POS accessories discreetly assimilate into the elegant overall picture. The variants without fans offer additional advantages: particularly the extremely quiet system operation, as well as higher reliability. Fanless operation also ensures that no dust (or flour dust) gets sucked into the sensitive interior of the system. Thanks to this feature, users in bakeries, for example, may implement these POS systems without worry.

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